Welcome to my Website!

Hello Friend, come in and take a look around.

I have a blog. I write about everything and nothing.

Read a bit about me and this website by clicking "About Me" in the nav bar.

I am human and therefore make mistakes. Be kind. If you find a mistake I'd be glad to hear from you. You can write me a message through one of my Fediverse accounts (see About Me). I will however not tolerate rude messages and may block you in return.

General Updates

You can now subscribe to my blog via rss. For now the link to the feed is only on all the blog pages. And here in this very update. I wanted to get it up, I worry about the actual position and design of these things later. It's also ot looking as I want it to in my feedreader, but at least it's working for me. Please tell me if it is not for you!

I also updated the little intro text at the top.

I added my blog. This also means that I have a real nav bar now. I'm not finished with it at all though. There are some things I want to do but need to learn first. However, for now it's ok.

I will not update this section with every blog post I make. It is only for general site updates.

Fixed some typos and made external links open in a new tab instead of the current one.

Added a couple of links to the additional resources list on the about me page.

Complete re-design of the home page, as well as added an about me page.